The brachial plexus is the group of nerves that exit the neck and go on to supply the arms. During birth, these nerves may be injured if the birth is difficult, the baby especially large, a shoulder gets stuck or even from the pressure of the contracting uterus. 

Birth related brachial plexus injuries occur more frequently than many realise.  Whilst most children recover spontaneously from mild injury, some develop long-term problems with the nerve supply and function of affected arm. 

Children with more severe impairments may need surgery to help improve the function of the shoulder.  Mr Loh works in conjunction plastic surgeons to help patients get the best possible outcomes.  Mr Loh focuses on the muscles and bones and the plastic surgeons work on the nerves. 

The surgery Mr Loh performs in these cases includes:

  • Rebalancing of shoulder tendons to help shoulder development.
  • Redirecting of the glenoid to help arc of movement.