Clubfoot/ Congenital Talipes EquinoVarus (CTEV)

Club foot is a condition where a baby’s foot is twisted out of shape or position.  The muscles of the leg and foot are often shorter than they should be.  Club foot can make it hard to walk normally so treatment is started soon after birth to maximise outcomes. 

Mr Loh will discuss with you the best options for your child. Treatment often includes progressive casting to gently alter the position of the foot. Infrequently, surgery is needed to balance the foot.


Skew foot is an uncommon condition affecting both the forefoot and the hindfoot resulting in a Z shaped foot.  Mr Loh will assess your child and help plan the best possible treatment for them.  The aim of treatment is to provide the child with a foot that is comfortable to walk on and fit in shoes.  If conservative measures of casting and bracing are insufficient, surgery may be an option. 


All children are born with flat feet but the foot should be mobile when examined.  By the age of 6 most children will have developed an arch. 

Treatment is reserved for flat feet that are painful and stiff.  

Toe walking

Children often walk on their toes when learning to walk and sometimes it can become a habit.  Most children go on to develop normal walking patterns by themselves.  However, toe walking can also be associated with a range of conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and other diseases of the nerves and muscles.  Occasionally, toe walking occurs for no known reason.  If there is any concern, it is important for a thorough examination of the child to be performed. Mr Loh will endeavour to determine the cause of toe walking and then plan the best management for your child.