Dr Brian Loh, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Brian Loh is a Melbourne based orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in the comprehensive management of paediatric and adolescent orthopaedic conditions, and adult orthopaedic reconstructive surgery.

This breadth of experience gives him a unique perspective on the management of musculoskeletal problems of the very youngest babies through to the very oldest patients.  Brian Loh’s diverse practice includes both elective and trauma orthopaedics.

In Australia, Brian Loh a consultant supervisor for the Australian Orthopaedic Association and the University of Melbourne and train registrars and medical students. Internationally, he is a surgeon-educator involved in the development of orthopaedic surgery with overseas colleagues. Brian Loh is also a scientific reviewer for international journals.

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Brian Loh loves the diversity of his work as he enjoys working with babies, children and their families; athletes both young and older; the more mature in our community;  and helping people recover from unexpected injuries as well as conditions that have been with them for a long time.  Brian Loh feels it is a privilege to help people reach their best.

Dr Brian Loh, Orthopaedic Surgeon has a particular interest in hip conditions in infants and children and managing the sequelae of these conditions in adults and the elderly who may not have had the benefit of adequate treatment in their youth.  These sequelae can be complex and may lead to earlier joint replacements.

Another interest is sports knee injuries and their surgical management, particularly in children and adolescents who are still growing where extra attention needs to be taken to preserve the growth plates and understand how future growth will affect the patient’s biomechanics and future function.