What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis = wear and tear arthritis
If you’ve made it to 40 you probably have some signs of osteoarthritis in your joints. Factors that can contribute to the development of Osteoarthritis are:
– Previous injury
– Hyper mobility
– Overuse
– Obesity

How to minimise the risk of osteoarthritis developing? What strategies help when it does develop?
– Rehab injuries well
– Have good technique and take rest breaks in all your work & leisure activities
– Maximise strength and control of your joints
– Maintain a healthy body weight – the pressure that goes through your knees in walking is 3-6 times your body weight, so losing a small amount of weight can take a significant amount of strain off your joints.

What can a surgeon do?
A surgeon can tell you if surgery is an option for you.  Factors that are considered are the amount of pain you are in, do simple analgesia and conservative management strategies help, and the state of the joints as seen on imaging. Sometimes a joint replacement is necessary and the type and timing of surgery will be discussed with you.